Together we can:

-Match systems to personal resources

-Create tailored processes for your company, team, and colleagues

-Tailor our coaching methods to the strengths of your team

-Achieve a higher implementation & acceptance rate

-Use corporate strategy as context for development of individual strengths

-Tailor individual processes to match team expectations



WE llc

applying lean in the every day


The application of lean analysis and system implementation with individual coaching maximizes your benefit of higher efficiency in manufacturing, development, and services to help your company create more efficient teams, have better performing staff members, and overall increased revenues.

WE llc and Personal Intelligence LLC are collaborating to provide a unique and personal coaching experience to improve your company with lean disciplined systems and excelled individual performance.  We combine the two disciplines of lean engineering and personal performance analysis to optimize your lean benefits.  Click here for more information to learn about this partnership.

No system works on it's own - the people running it make all the difference.

We Solve Problems
Provide Strengths Based Coaching
Implement Lean Disciplined Systems

  • Increase profits by increasing quality and throughput with disciplined systems
  • Unify your team around productivity and working better together through working more efficiently independently
  • Accelerate creativity and response to change leading to better team dynamics and faster customer timing
  • Improve and stabilize quality with the implementation of unique lean process solutions raising the level of problem solving capacity for your organization.
  • Strengths based coaching enabling each leader to achieve his or her personal best

Get your business on track.

Keep your business finely tuned and operating as best it can. 

Promote servant leadership.

Promote a lean culture for continuous learning & improvement.


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